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Join us as a member of Untapped Power the Community! 

When you join this community you will be able to take part in group discussion and receive free financial/ business resources as well as access to courses and individual coaching.  

My hope is that you will share your voice with a diverse group of teachers  as you acquire the tools needed to grow your personal yoga business and define success on your terms. 

This community is a way to continue the conversations from the podcast, Untapped Power: Insights and Wisdom for Collective Transformation in the Yoga Industry. 

This community is a safe space to learn, discuss, grow and share.

I encourage you to take advantage of the Spiritual Money Mindset Course or personalized coaching when the time is right for you! 

I welcome your voice.

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Untapped power- the podcast, has given a voice to yoga teachers to share their perspective.   We believe there is value in having honest and intentional conversations to understand the industry and create change.

Currently we are not holding live calls, so I invite you to view any of the recorded sessions.   

This FREE community also provides you with access to videos and training modules around financial health and personal development. 

Spiritual Money Mindset Workshop

This course is designed to work with you in changing your thoughts, stories and patterns around money. 

Growth Coaching

What is the one thing that is currently holding you back?

We all have experienced times in our lives when we feel stuck and at a standstill, myself included.

Personalized coaching can provide insight into those places we have been avoiding.

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