Spiritual Money Mindset Workshop

Are you ready to truly heal your relationship to money?

Investing in this course is a chance for personal exploration when it comes to your relationship to money.

This course is designed to work for you and with you.  It is broken into short digestible modules that allow for viewing at your own pace. 

Included in this workshop is a FREE 30 minute call for actionable change. 

What are people saying...

“Out of pure curiosity about what I didn’t know or understand about my relationship with money, I signed up for Amanda’s “Spiritual Money Mindset” program. I had never really considered that there could be such a thing as a spiritual relationship with money. However, the way in which she explained it and walked us through it was clear, intentional and informative. I realized that opening my checking account cringing and looking away was sending a message that was neither healthy nor energetically beneficial. Amanda is articulate, validating and easy relatable. Having taken this class and purposely incorporated suggested strategies has altered the way I view money. I have found that not only am I not cringing, but I now consciously greet my finances with gratitude, and more interestingly, my income has significantly grown! If you are truly ready to do the work and change your mindset, (or if you are even curious a to what needs to change in your relationship with money) I believe that this class will be a tremendous asset for you. ”

“I had the pleasure of taking the Spiritual Money Mindset workshop yesterday and would strongly suggest that you do the same! Amanda has prepared a very thoughtfully organized workshop to get us to think about the patterns we are stuck in regarding our finances. It was also so helpful to have it geared towards wellness professionals by someone who is in our field. Highly recommend!” 

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